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I developed a passion for wedding photography and film making at an early age – I picked up a camera at age nine and never put it down. With a creative eye, and as an accomplished artist in oils and water colors, I can see the perfect shot before taking it. I trained at the L.A. recording school in music production, sound engineering and film editing. With this background, I have done cinematography and sound editing on films, which adds tremendous dimension to my videography work. I have extensive training in graphic design, color correction and editing software. I have also worked and trained with some of the top photographers in the US.

Today I run a photography and video production company built around one thing - delivering the best possible product to my clients. I am unique in that I have a strong background in both photography and videography. My client list ranges from LA-based film and entertainment companies to local, Orange County, events such as weddings, graduations, birthday parties and other special events. If the job requires videography, photography or some combination thereof, I am your best option.

Special Events

I have covered a lot of different events. Here you will find an assortment of photos from some of my favorite parties and gatherings.


No event brings more happiness than a wedding. Come see photos of these joyous occasions.


Fundraisers and charities are very enriching events. Click here to see photos taken for a good cause.

Birthday Parties

Celebrating another year of life is always fun. Here are some good memories from some recent birthday parties

Highly Skilled, Creative Eye

While still photos are excellent and can be an important part of capturing an event, video is sometimes a better way to capture the full mood and experience. I shoot all my videos with a cinematic style using multiple dynamics to capture the viewer’s interest. I do custom coloring to ensure that the tone fits the mood and the scene. If needed, we can add special effects to heighten the aesthetics. When it comes to audio and music, I love to take advantage of my sound engineering skills. By having an external microphone attached to my camera, the audio is always recorded at the highest quality. In today’s world of high technology, having state of the art equipment is essential. I have the latest video, photography, lighting, audio equipment, and wedding videography Toronto. I also have the latest editing software and have invested much time understanding how to use it to optimize the end product.

My client’s input is key and I enjoy working with clients to gain their insight and to understand their objectives. This is critical in order to create an end product that meets and exceeds their expectations. I always take a lot of shots so that we have much variety and many options from which to select. The options will include a number of candid and creative shots to make the event come alive and to capture the spirit - not just the canned photos.

My career has led me to many amazing places around the world. I have worked in studio sets in Hollywood, shot landscapes in snowy mountain terrain, worked along the beautiful Pacific coastline and the deserts of California. I enjoy climbing to the top of the highest buildings and capturing the sunset over the city. I’ve hiked through miles of snow in search of the perfect shot and visited many beaches to capture the beautiful rock formations. I bring the best combination of passion, knowledge and experience to every job in order to deliver the highest quality for my clients.

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